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Texas Child Support Calculator

This calculator is for informational purposes only and represents an estimate of monthly child support. Actual child support may vary based upon certain factors.

What is your annual gross (before taxes) income?
Taxable Wages:
Monthly Gross Income:
Social Security Tax (6.2%):
Medicare Tax (1.45%):
Federal Income Tax:

Number of Children

Enter the number of children for whom you have a legal duty to support from a prior relationship. Children from another support order and children from a prior relationship. Enter "0" if you have no other children:
Enter the number of children under 18 the subject of the current case:
Monthly NET Income (After Tax Deductions):
Per Month in Child Support:
*Note: This calculator is not intended for use by self-employed individuals. Calculator not for use if monthly net resources exceed $8,550 per month per Family Code section 154.125(a).