What is Divorce Simple?

You have a good life.  Not great, but good.  You have two wonderful children, a decent marriage, and a good job.  Granted, your marriage is not what it used to be, but all your time is spent working and carting your kids around to their activities.  You try to make time for each other, and sometimes you do, but most of the time you are just too tired.

There is the same routine – breakfast, take the kids to school, long day at work and a few hours in the evening driving to activities or trying to squeeze in some personal time.  Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years.  Life just takes over.

But that is okay, because your kids are great, your job is going well and all the hard work is starting to pay off financially.

You tell yourself the marriage will get better when the kids get older and go off to school, or that you’ll make an effort to really work on the marriage.  But nothing ever happens.

And then the day comes when you hear those devastating four words.  “I want a divorce”.  You feel like you have just been punched in the gut, you can’t breathe, your chest tightens.  You knew things weren’t great, but a divorce?  Where did this come from? How could this have happened?

Everything changes in an instant.  Realization sets in.  Things were worse than you thought.  A life that you thought you were in control of is now spinning out of control.

What about the kids?  Should I leave?  Where would I go? What about my retirement?  Who is going to pay the bills? And there are probably a million more questions just like these.  All with no answers.  What do you do?

You know you need to contact a lawyer, but lawyers are expensive, hard to reach, don’t communicate and never tell you what is going on.

That is where Divorce.Simple comes in.  For two decades we have we have educated clients and non-clients through our blogs and website.  We started with the Texas Family Law Blog in 2006, then the The Dallas Divorce Blog, and finally arrived at our current site.  We have always strived to educate our clients and communicate with them as often as we can to help them navigate the aftermath of those fateful four words.

One call and we handle the rest.  If we can reach agreements with your spouse we will, if we need to battle it out in Court to get you what you deserve, we can do that as well.  Bottom line, we will help YOU.  We will answer all your questions and help you understand this new life path you are on.  We want to make your life better.

If you have any questions, please click on our telephone number, or select “Next Step” to the right and schedule a meeting.

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