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What are Grandparent Rights?

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There is nothing more exciting than a new baby in your life.  But when your children are grown and gone,  grandchildren are like a godsend, a second chance to hold and love a new baby and watch them grow.  But what happens when there are problems with your grand-babies’ parents, a spat that results in the parents completely cutting you out?  What if your grandchild is in such a horrific situation that if you do not step in something bad is going to happen?  This is what is referred to as “Grandparent Rights”.

Grandparent rights can be broken down into a number of categories or factual scenarios:

  • Your grandchild is in a dangerous situation and the parents are either placing your grand-baby in harms way or are not able to remove the child from a dangerous situation.  In a situation like this you may want to consider seeking custody of the child to protect them.
  • Another scenario, similar to the first one, is that the child is placed in a dangerous situation, but the parents are simply not fit to make the proper decisions for the child due to their actions or inactions.  This may result in a termination/adoption lawsuit as opposed to a custody situation.  In this scenario you would ask that the parent’s right be terminated and you adopt your grand-baby.  If you do not, the child risks serious emotional or physical injury.
  • The parents are not placing the child in a dangerous situation, but they will not allow you to see your precious grandchild or even talk to them because of a conflict you are having with the mother or father.  While this might not amount to a “dangerous situation” it can be extremely harmful for the child after the wonderful relationship you have built.  Here we would seek possession or some form of access to the child to continue that wonderful relationship that you have built.

If you would like to meet and discuss your beautiful grandchild and what “rights” you may have, please contact us through any of the links to the right and we would be happy to sit down and talk.

We charge a $150 consultation fee, but that will be money well spent to understand your rights to that beautiful gran-baby of yours.

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