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As a native of Dallas, Texas, Chris Schmiedeke understands the importance Texans place on family. He also understands the confusion, anger, and sadness associated with the break up of a family. He has skillfully incorporated this understanding and over 23 years of experience into every aspect of our family law and divorce representation.

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Divorce Simple
When everything fails to rejuvenate in the bond two people vowed to share, divorce seems to be the most suitable option. Leaving an unhealthy marriage is best for health, and happiness of...
Divorce Simple
Divorce Simple
One of the most common issues that arise in divorce and custody matters is the residency restriction that Courts in Texas impose. A residency restriction is a court imposed limitation on where the...
Divorce Simple
Hi, I'm Chris Schmiedeke, a family lawyer in Dallas, Texas.  Just heading back to the office from Ellis County, down in Waxahachie.  I was finalizing a divorce for a client got me...