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You have a good life.  Not great, but good.  You have two wonderful children, a decent marriage, and a good job.  Granted, your marriage is not what it used to be, but all your time is spent working and carting your kids around to their activities.  You try to make time for each other, and sometimes you do, but most of the time you are just too tired.

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Divorce Simple
In prior articles we discussed what and uncontested divorce is and the basics of the uncontested divorce.  In those articles we talked about the agreements necessary for an uncontested divorce.  Depending on...
Divorce Simple
What are “Grandparent Rights”? For this article, we will discuss the right of a grandparent to force a parent to provide visitation with their grandchild through court orders.  There are other scenarios...
Divorce Simple
This article covers weekends under a Texas Standard Possession Order.  Following is a calendar for reference.  You can find another version of this under the "Forms" tab on the Visitation Page. Weekend visits...
Divorce Simple
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