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You have a good life.  Not great, but good.  You have two wonderful children, a decent marriage, and a good job.  Granted, your marriage is not what it used to be, but all your time is spent working and carting your kids around to their activities.  You try to make time for each other, and sometimes you do, but most of the time you are just too tired.

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Divorce Simple
A common issue in a divorce is the division of an automobile when the car debt is in the name of both parties. These can be tricky situations because they involve a...
Divorce Simple
Divorce Simple
One of the most common issues that arise in divorce and custody matters is the residency restriction that Courts in Texas impose. A residency restriction is a court imposed limitation on where the...
Divorce Simple
Hi, I'm Chris Schmiedeke, a family lawyer in Dallas, Texas.  Just heading back to the office from Ellis County, down in Waxahachie.  I was finalizing a divorce for a client got me...