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July 2023 Texas Standard Possession Order

| Chris Schmiedeke |


Today we are going to talk about July under the Texas standard possession order. I’m going to tell you upfront, it’s going to be pretty boring because there are no Thursdays, there are no weekends, and there are no holidays. So you’re asking yourself, “Chris, what are you talking about? No Thursdays, no weekends, no holidays. What’s going on this month?”

Well, it is the extended summer possession of the non-custodial parent. I am making a giant assumption that the non-custodial parent did not select custom dates for their extended summer possession. Therefore, we know that it would default to July 1st to July 31st. Of course, if custom dates were picked, there’s no way for me to know that so I would not be able to comment on that. Today we’re just going with the default dates for this review.


Let’s start with Thursdays. There are no Thursdays in the summer. We know that. How do we know that? Because it says, “during the school term.” Thursdays are during the school term. We are not in the school term, therefore there are no Thursdays. Thursdays will begin again next month in August because most kids go back to school in August.


There are no weekends this month. Why is that? Well, because we know that holidays overwrite the weekend periods of possession. The extended summer possession of the non-custodial parent is one giant holiday. Therefore, it overwrites what normally would’ve been the first, or third Friday of this month. It overwrites all those so there are no weekends.

You’ll also notice that I didn’t put any weekend dates in here for the custodial parent. Custodial parent, if you selected your weekend inside this block by April 15th, then, of course, you’re going to get that weekend, Friday at six to Sunday at six typically, so you’re going to get that weekend. If you did not select a weekend inside this block by April 15th, then you lose that weekend and you do not get a weekend in July for the extended summer possession.

Now, don’t forget custodial parent, you will get a weekend outside of the extended summer possession, and you only have to give 14 days’ notice for that one. So, if you missed picking up your weekend inside this extended summer possession, then pick one outside the extended summer possession. For instance, I’m looking at the beginning of August. How about August 4th? You would notify 14 days in advance that you wanted August 4th, which would otherwise have been the non-custodial parent’s because it is a first Friday.


And finally, we have holidays. We do not have any holidays this month, although we do have Independence Day, but it is overwritten by the extended summer possession of the non-custodial parent, so it is irrelevant.


I think that about covers it. If I missed something, please comment down below and let me know and I’ll do the best I can to answer it. And of course, always like and subscribe to these videos, please, if you will. It helps me out tremendously. And other than that, I will talk to you next month in August.

Chris Schmiedeke


I was born in Dallas and spent the majority of my life here. I moved to Denver in the middle of the first grade and moved back to Plano in the middle of the eleventh grade. I graduated from Plano Senior High in 1984 and then attended Richland College and the University of North Texas where a received a Bachelor of Business Administration. From there I attended the Texas Tech University School of Law and was licensed to practice law in May of 1993. 

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