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June 2022 Texas Standard Possession Order


Hi, everyone, good to see you. Chris Schmiedeke from Divorce Simplified. It’s time for the review of the June 2022 Texas Standard Possession Order. There are three things I wanted to talk about today. One is we are in the summer, so we are going to lose our Thursday periods of possession. Two, the weekend possessions are going to continue throughout the summer. We’ve discussed this before, but I’ll cover it again. And three, we have Father’s Day this month, so that’s the holiday that we have to deal with.

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Thursday Periods of Possession During the Summer

Here is the month of June for 2022. Obviously, the blue is for the custodial parent, yellow is for the non-custodial parent. And then the red reflects the holidays. As you can see, we will start with the Thursday periods of possession. It is now going to be the summer. Some kids may be getting out the first week of June, but for my videos I had the kids getting out last month. So you may have to adapt this a little bit depending upon when your kids get out of school, but assuming the kids got out last month, there would be no Thursday periods of possession this month. We know that because the language for the Thursday periods of possession says “during the school term”. The Thursdays will disappear for this month and the remainder of the summer.

Summer Weekend Periods of Possession

The weekend periods of possession, you can see the first Friday of the month is June 3rd, so that would be the first non-custodial parent weekend. There is the third Friday this month, but it’s Father’s Day. We’ll cover that in a second. And then there is no fifth Friday of the month for June. And if you’re doing a little sneak peek down there at the bottom, you can see what happens in July. That is the default month for the extended summer possession.

Father’s Day for the Standard Possession Order

So for Father’s Day, if you are the father and the non-custodial parent, you are going to get that weekend anyway. But you get it because you’re the father. Mom, if you are the non-custodial parent, you’re going to lose that weekend (3rd Friday of the month). So you will only get one weekend in the month of June. The father is going to get the 17th through the 19th per the Father’s Day provisions in the standard possession order. So Moms, if you are non-custodial, you are only going to get Friday, June the 3rd for your weekend, and then you will get all of July assuming you got the default dates.


So not a difficult month. Father’s Day is a little bit tricky. Unfortunately, if mom is the non-custodial parent she will lose the 3rd Friday of the month, but it will all get made up in July.

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I was born in Dallas and spent the majority of my life here. I moved to Denver in the middle of the first grade and moved back to Plano in the middle of the eleventh grade. I graduated from Plano Senior High in 1984 and then attended Richland College and the University of North Texas where a received a Bachelor of Business Administration. From there I attended the Texas Tech University School of Law and was licensed to practice law in May of 1993. 

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