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October 2021 and the Texas Standard Possession Order

Big Surprises for Non-Custodial Parent in October

This is the monthly review of the standard possession order. We’re going to be reviewing October and as I said, last month in September; big surprises coming for the non-custodial parents. Non-custodial parents are going to get quite a bit of time between now and the end of the year. This is good for the non-custodial parent and maybe not so good for the custodial parent.

Non-Custodial Parent Gets Three Weekends

The non-custodial parent will get three weekends this month. There is a first, third, and fifth Friday in October which is great for the non-custodial parents. October 1st is the first Friday. The third Friday is October 15th, and the fifth Friday is October 29th.

Sneak Peek for November

You can get a sneak peek for next month, down at the bottom of the calendar, November 5th will be the first Friday of next month. That will go back to back for the non-custodial parent and non-custodial parents will also get their standard Thursdays throughout the month. And of course, the custodial parent (blue sections on the calendar) will have the second and fourth weekends, and then all the other times set out in blue.

Custodial Parents Will Fare Better End of the Year

In conclusion, October is a good month for the non-custodial parent with the three weekends this month. Non-custodial parents will fare better at the end of the year so stay tuned for more videos.

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