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Texas Standard Possession Order for November 2021

This is our monthly installment for the Texas Standard Possession Order and things are looking pretty good for the non-custodial parent for November. We do have the Thanksgiving holiday this month, so let’s take a look at what that means for the non-custodial and custodial parent.

November Starts Out with Back-to-Back Fridays

October 29th is the fifth Friday of the month for the non-custodial parent which means the non-custodial parent will get the child through Halloween unless you’re ordered to return the child at 6 pm on Sunday, in which case you will be turning the child over to the custodial parent for Halloween evening.  The first Friday in November is on November 5th following the 5th Friday last month of October 29th so the non-custodial parent will get back-to-back Fridays from October to November.

Who Gets the Child for Thanksgiving?

In November, non-custodial, you are going to get your standard Thursday holidays except for the week of Thanksgiving.  You will get November 19th but technically that’s going to be a Thanksgiving holiday so that’s going to override the weekend.   The non-custodial parent will get November 19th if your child is dismissed for the Thanksgiving holiday on that Friday.  If they are not dismissed for the Thanksgiving holiday on that Friday, November 19th, you will still get the weekend but it would just end on Sunday, November 21st and you would then turn around and pick up the child perhaps on November 23rd or the 24th if your child for some reason is let out during the week of Thanksgiving. Most school districts now let the children out on November 19th.  They call these in-service days and the standard possession order now says that in-service days are included in this possession, so I’m guessing the majority of you are going to get November 19th all the way through November 28th.

What Does December Look Like for Non-Custodial Parents?

That will wrap up the month of November.  The non-custodial parent will get their Thursdays and then the custodial parent will see their blue possession times (November 29th – December 1st) as they end the month.  November is looking pretty good for the non-custodial parent and I think that trend is going to continue into December.  As I alluded to in my video last month, November is a big month for the non-custodial parent.  I believe that the non-custodial will go out with a bang in December but we will discuss that next month.

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