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What is a Step-Parent Adoption?

| Chris Schmiedeke |

A step-parent adoption is a means in which a step-parent can adopt a step-child.  In order to accomplish a step-parent adoption, you must first terminate the parental rights of the biological parent whose roll you are attempting to assume.  In some instances the biological parent will be deceased.  In other’s you may need a court to terminate the biological parent’s rights.

In either case, once the biological parent has had their parental rights terminated, the step-parent is free to adopt the step-child pending court approval.

In future articles I will discuss in more detail the steps that are required to terminate and adopt a child.  Stay tuned.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss a possible step-parent adoption in Texas, please select a method of contact to the right and schedule an appointment.  I charge a $150 consultation fee and we will cover all aspects of the process and lay out a game plan for achieving your goals of adoption.


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